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It is this Reiki Master's pleasure to offer lightworkers the opportunity to slip sideways with me into the body of work on bodywork. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that periodicals on the subject of healing the body with “complementary therapies” are still working on proving credibility and on the focus of “attacking the marketplace” (as if any kind of attack were a good thing). Certainly, practitioners are sometimes required to back up their art with facts and research, but we also desperately need to know how the “complementary” arts we’ve recently learned work in practice. It’s time to put the spirit back in the body of BodyWork. If you agree and you have something to say, we have a forum here.


05/13/2012 3:02pm

kool claire it's coming along well

05/13/2012 3:32pm

thanks, moshe! looking forward to your input on bodywork! post anytime :)


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